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is a law firm specialising in Alien and Nationality Law

The Firm Our Philosophy

filosofia estrangeria advocats Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, which is the bedrock of our legal practice, is based on principles such as ethics, commitment, diligence, responsibility and professionalism.

We are firmly committed to providing our clients with legal solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Since different circumstances require different solutions, individual cases are assessed from different angles with a view to offering, where possible, more than one course of action. ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS can then proceed to act swiftly on the instructions issued by the client.

We trust our team to deliver; their expertise has been developed through years of professional practice, and through consistently recognising the crucial importance of each case for the respective client who has placed their trust in ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS.

While the firm has expanded and evolved, the applicable Alien legislation has remained unchanged. As a result, our dedicated team of lawyers are specialists in the area of Alien Law.