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is a law firm specialising in Alien and Nationality Law

Tamara Moratalla

Tamara Moratalla i Martín

Lawyer, Bar No. 3100 I.C.A.G.


Tamara Moratalla

Ms. Tamara Moratalla i Martín, Lawyer, with Bar No. 3100 of the Bar Association of Girona (I.C.A.G.) since July 2011, holds a Degree in Law from the Open University of Catalonia. She joined ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS following a two year period of practical legal training in Alien Law, having completed in 2010 the Alien Law Specialisation Course run by the Bar Association of Girona.



Advising in relation to and accompanying and/or representing clients before the Administrative bodies: the Provincial Government Immigration Office, National Police stations, the Department of Enterprise and Employment of the Government of Catalonia and in Civil Registries for Spanish citizenship applications. Representing clients before the Contentious Administrative Courts.