The Services We Offer Are:

Advice service and processing of cases

ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS benefits from proven experience in advising and processing legal cases relating to:

  • Applications for Foreigner Identification Numbers – NIE.
  • Applications for Registration Certificates for EU Community Residents.
  • Residence Cards for Non-EU Foreigners who are Family of EU Citizens.
  • Residence permits without work permits.
  • Residence Permits due to Family Reunification.
  • Work Permits for employees and for self-employment.
  • Work Permits for senior executives.
  • Residence Permits for study and/or research.
  • Recruitment in country of origin.
  • Residence Permits for Exceptional Circumstances:

- Social Ties

- Family Ties

- Employment Ties

  • Applications for Renewal and Modification of Residence and/or Work Permits.
  • Cancellation of criminal record and/or police record prior to the submission of applications for Initial Residence Permits or Naturalisation.

Drafting of declarations and administrative and judicial appeals


  • Administrative proceedings resulting in expulsion or a fine initiated against foreigners.
  • Administrative proceedings resulting in fines initiated against employers.
  • Applications for Cancellation of Residence Permits initiated against foreigners.


ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS also enjoys proven experience in the preparation and presentation of:

  • Drafting of Declarations.
  • Administrative Appeals – Appeal to higher court, optional Reconsideration appeal and Extraordinary Review.
  • Contentious Appeals to the Contentious-Administrative Courts and the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (against Decisions of refusal of visas), Appeals to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia and Contentious Appeals to the National Court against Decisions on the refusal of applications for nationality.

Service for obtaining Spanish nationality

Obtaining Spanish Nationality by residence, option or naturalisation permit.

  • Advice on the processing of Spanish Nationality by Residence, Option or Naturalisation permit.


  • Processing of the entire procedure.


  • Intervention in cases initiated by the client, which are being processed and suffer set-backs such as further requirements or delays.


  • Administrative and Judicial Appeal against negative decisions.

Service for Investors

Golden Visa: Residence Permit for Investors and Relatives of Investors.

  • Advice in the processing of the various types of visa and/or Residence permits for Investors and their relatives:
    1. Investment in real estate, free of liens or encumbrances, worth more than 500,000 euros. 
    2. Investment in shares - unlisted stocks or company shares, listed shares, public debt, investment funds or venture capital funds - or bank deposits. 
    3. Investment in business projects.


  • Processing of the entire procedure.


  • Advice and/or processing of the renewal of Residence Permits for Investors and relatives of investors.

Follow-up Service

Clients of EXTRANJERÍA ABOGADOS benefit from their cases being followed-up weekly with the Immigration Office and can contact the firm on a daily basis if they need to clarify any doubts and resolve any situation or issue relating to their respective cases.

Comprehensive service

ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS collaborates with the best professionals in each speciality of the sector in order to provide a comprehensive service in Criminal Law, Tax Law, Employment and Social Security Law, Civil Law (Inheritance and Contractual), Family Law, Commercial Law, International Civil Law, Planning and Family Mediation.